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Jakarta Collaborates with Startups in Battling COVID-19

Aditya Gagat Hanggara

06 May 2020

Smartcitizen, what was your first thought when you heard the word Smart City? A city that uses technology a lot? It's not wrong. But what you need to know, the benefits of the technology will not be felt to its full potential without the collaboration between the government and the citizens. This is also to ensure that every solution presented can be sustainable and equitable for all stakeholders including the community.

Collaborating in Pandemic Mitigation

We can be grateful, with the continued increase in citizens who have access to the internet, Indonesia, and especially Jakarta has now become a fertile field for startup companies. Because when the effects of COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) pandemic started to hits the capital city, the Government of Jakarta can quickly collaborate with various startup companies to respond to challenges that arise, from reporting symptoms, collecting data, to handling citizens affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Here are several collaborators currently working together with the government in mitigating COVID-19.

[Why we need to collaborate now more than ever?]

Indonesians at Harvard

Some of the brightest young Indonesians who are currently studying at the prestigious Harvard University are helping the Government of Jakarta's efforts by developing the COVID-19 Likelihood Meter (CLM). With a limited number of rapid testing tools, the calculator feature in CLM will help the government in assessing the eligibility of a person to undergo the procedure through machine learning modeling of positive data that has been collected.

Indonesians at Harvard

Jakarta Aman

The feeling of security is an important need for citizens in cities as big as Jakarta. Therefore, the Government of Jakarta is collaborating with PT. Indonesia Lebih Aman in developing the Jakarta Aman application. The main features include a panic button which user can call for help to registered local residents and 112 emergency services. With the development of the COVID-19 cases, Jakarta Aman has expanded its function by adding reporting features for residents infected by the outbreak.

To reduce the risk of transmission of the COVID-19, the Government of Jakarta has now imposed a Large Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB). During the PSBB period, schools have been suspended, and students are now studying from their homes. To support the online learning activities, Jakarta Smart City and the Education Office of Jakarta collaborates with in providing digital learning materials that can be accessed free of charge by teachers and students.

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According to the Global Digital Report 2019 from We Are Social and Hootsuite, 83 percent of internet users in Indonesia are using WhatsApp messaging application. Therefore it becomes a logical step, that the same platform is then used by the Government of Jakarta in collaboration with LawanCovid-19 provides a dedicated channel for reporting that is easily accessed by most people in Jakarta. Through the features of LaporCovid-19, citizens will be able to:

  • Make reports regarding people suspected of being infected by COVID-19

  • Find out if a particular location has been exposed to COVID-19

  • Report violations that occurred during the PSBB period


In mitigating the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government of Jakarta also invites citizens to participate through the Tanggap Corona Collaboration program which operates under the Jakarta Development Collaboration Network (JDCN) network. For those of you who are curious and want to know more, the government has also collaborated with Botika to release the latest Chatbot to answer questions about JDCN. Previously, Botika also developed the Jakarta Virtual Assistant (Javira) for matters relating to the services provided by the Government of Jakarta.

[What is JDCN?]



To overcome the problems in Jakarta, we can't rely on human resources alone, especially in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Supported with artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Nodeflux is able to ease the workload of the Government of Jakarta through the application of automation. With their VisionAIre system, Nodeflux was able to come up with three solutions for public monitoring during the PSBB period.

  • Public Mobility Monitoring: Detect and calculate the density of people and vehicles to measure the mobility of citizens.

  • Social Distance Monitoring: Monitor and automatically give warnings when the distance between people is less than 1 meter.

  • Face Mask Monitoring: Monitor and automatically give warnings when there are citizens who do not wear masks in public spaces.

Future Collaboration

The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government always opens the door of collaboration, not only to startup companies but also to individuals who feel they have ideas or solutions for the development of Jakarta. For example, in the middle of a pandemic like now, you can donate medical equipment or food ingredients through JDCN. Because every participation and contribution you make will help make the city of Jakarta more advanced and happy for its citizens.


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Aditya Gagat Hanggara

Aditya Gagat adalah lulusan Teknik Informatika dari Binus University yang saat ini menjadi salah satu Content Writer di Jakarta Smart City. Gemar mengamati isu transportasi, olahraga, teknologi dan sains, ia memulai karier Jurnalistik bersama media internasional pada 2016-2019. Saat ini ia terfokus pada topik kesehatan, khususnya mengenai penanggulangan pandemi Covid-19 di wilayah DKI Jakarta.

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