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Latest PPKM Level 1 Regulations in Jakarta

Siti Sarah S.

12 November 2021

The results of the hard work of all parties in dealing with the pandemic and the discipline from the community in implementing health protocols, has now brought Jakarta to PPKM (Enforcement of Community Activity Restrictions) Level 1 which is valid until November 15, 2021.

With the implementation of PPKM level 1, public spaces can be accessed more widely while maintaining health protocols and with vaccination mandates on staff and visitors. The regulation of PPKM Level 1 is based on the Decree of the Governor of the Special Capital Region of Jakarta No. 1312 of 2021.

Activities at Work/Offices 

During the current PPKM regulation, office activities in non-essential sectors are now allowed  for 75% WFO (Work from Office). While, government offices in the essential  sector will need to comply with the technical provisions of the Ministry for the Empowerment of State Apparatus and Bureaucratic Reform of the Republic of Indonesia.

Essential sectors in banking can operate with 100% WFO for locations related to services for public, and 75% for office administration services. Industry related to capital market, information and communication technology, and non-quarantine handling hotels can also operate with 100% WFO.

For export-oriented industries, 100% WFO system can be applied with shift arrangements and only in production/factory facilities and 75% of maximum capacity for office administration services.

Critical sectors such as security and health, as in the previous PPKM period, were allowed to operate 100% or at normal capacity without exception. Meanwhile, other industries in the same sector such as construction for public and private infrastructure can operate at 100% for production/construction facilities and other services to the public. While maximum capacity of 75% will be applied for office administration services.

Regulations stated that all sectors/industries must maintain the current health protocols and mandate every employee to be vaccinated and use PeduliLindungi’s Safe Entrance feature that has been integrated in JAKI.

Learning and Teaching Activities

Face-to-face learning in schools are allowed on condition that education personnel have been vaccinated and capacity in each classroom is limited to 50%, except

  1. SDLB, MILB, SMPLB, SMLB, MALB which have a maximum capacity of 62%-100% by keeping a minimum distance of 1.5 m and a maximum of 5 students per class.

  2. PAUD

For face-to-face learning, PAUD capacity is limited to a maximum of 33% with the provisions of maintaining a distance of 1.5 m and a maximum of 5 students per class.

The regulations related to teaching and learning activities are also based on a joint decision of the Minister of Education and Culture, Minister of Religion, Minister of Health, and Minister of Home Affairs.

Groceries and Daily Necessities

For traditional markets, supermarkets, and grocery stores that sell daily necessities are allowed to open at 100% of capacity with stricter procedures. Wholesale markets are allowed to operate according to normal operating hours, and supermarkets are required to use PeduliLindungi’s Safe Entrance feature in JAKI.

Food Stalls, Restaurants, Street Vendors, and Cafes 

Food stalls, street vendors, hawkers and other similar activities are allowed to provide dine-in service until 22.00 WIB with maximum capacity of 75% patrons. Then, for restaurants and cafes that started the dine-in services at 18.00-00.00 WIB are allowed to operate at 75% of normal capacity. All visitors and employees are required to do online check-in  through PeduliLindungi or JAKI. As for restaurants and cafes located inside buildings,  open areas, or shopping centers allowed to open until 22.00 with 75% capacity and mandatory check-in using PeduliLindungi or JAKI. 

Cultural Arts, Sports Facilities, Parks, and Tourist Attractions

Now public areas such as parks and sports facilities are allowed to open with stricter health protocols, a maximum capacity of 75%, and are required to use the PeduliLindungi application or Safe Entrance at JAKI. Visitors under 12 must be accompanied by parents. In addition, from Friday at 12.00 to Sunday at 18.00, an odd-even policy is also imposed on routes from/to several tourist locations (Ancol, TMII, Ragunan) for traffic management purposes. 

Shopping Center and Cinema 

Shopping centers/malls/trade centers can operate 100% until 22.00 WIB, visitors must be screened with the PeduliLindung or JAKI application.Visitors under 12 must be accompanied by parents, and children's playgrounds and entertainment venues are opened with requirement that parents must record address and telephone number for tracing purpose.

Meanwhile, cinemas are allowed to open with a maximum capacity of 70% and mandatory screening with the PeduliLindung or JAKI application. Visitors need to show green or yellow status, meaning that they either have been vaccinated with the first dose of vaccine or two (fully vaccinated). Visitors under 12 years old must be accompanied by a parent. Visitors are allowed to dine-in in the restaurant/cafe inside the cinema area with maximum capacity of 75% and 60 minutes of maximum meal time.

Place of Worship and Wedding Reception 

Places of worship are allowed to open with a maximum capacity of 75% and in accordance with technical arrangements from the ministry of religion. Likewise, wedding reception venues are allowed to operate with a maximum capacity of 75% with stricter procedures.


PPKM Level 1 means that public transportations are now allowed to operate at 100%, including taxis (conventional and online), motorcycle taxis (online/offline),. Meanwhile, the capacity for private vehicles is set at 50% capacity, but 100% if the driver and passengers share the same residence/address . In addition, the odd-even policy also applies in select roads according to the regulations set by Jakarta Transportation Agency.

Stay Alert 

With the enactment of PPKM level 1, it will indeed relax our activities outside the home. Amid the increasing activities in public areas, transmission of Covid-19 needs to be controlled and does not present a risk of a third wave of Covid-19 infections in Indonesia. So, we must not be complacent in maintaining health protocols. More importantly, make sure you are vaccinated to make your activities safer. For those of you who haven't been vaccinated, you can easily register for vaccinations with JAKI. Let's try to protect ourselves and those around us from Covid-19.

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