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What You Need to Know about New Regulations on PPKM Level 2

Siti Sarah S.

27 October 2021

What You Need to Know about New Regulations on PPKM Level 2 

As more people are vaccinated against Covid-19, the number of Covid-19 cases in Jakarta is decreasing. Based on, as of October 18, 2021, there have been 10,756,821 people receiving dose 1 of the Covid-19 vaccine in Jakarta. Covid-19 cases from early September to mid-October have also continued to decline. Take a look at the following chart of daily positive cases:

Daily new cases in Data Monitoring at

As of October 18, 2021, daily cases in Jakarta were at 107. The number of cases has decreased considerably from September 1, 2021, when it reached 673 daily positive cases. On October 7, 2021, there were 0 requests for funeral service with Covid-19 procedures in DKI Jakarta. This good news proves that even though we are in the middle of a pandemic until now, the hope that all of this will end is still there if we stick to health protocols and vaccinate against Covid-19 immediately.

With the decreasing number of cases and increasing vaccination rates, the central government decided to lower the PPKM level (Enforcement of Restrictions on Community Activities) in Jakarta to level 2 as regulated in the Instruction of the Minister of Home Affairs Number 53 of 2021 and Decree of the Governor of DKI Jakarta number 1245 of 2021.

Malls, Tourist Attractions, and Parks Open with New Regulations

With the implementation of PPKM level 2, supermarkets, traditional markets, and grocery stores are allowed to open until 21.00 with a maximum capacity of 75% visitors. Children under 12 years old are also allowed to enter the mall as long as they are accompanied by their parents. By allowing children to enter malls/shopping centers, children's playgrounds and entertainment venues for children are opened on condition that parents must write-in their address and telephone number for tracing needs.

In addition to malls and playgrounds that already allow children under 12 years old to enter, cinemas are also allowed them to watch in cinemas. The maximum capacity of the cinema is now at 70% and allows patrons to eat in the restaurant/cafe area of ​​the cinema with a capacity of 50%.

While in the previous level, parks and tourist attractions had not been opened, now public facilities such as public parks, public tourist attractions and other public areas have been allowed to open with a maximum capacity of 25%. Children under 12 years old are also allowed in

Even so, for safety, the government still has to make sure residents stay safe by scanning a QR Code to find out the vaccination status of residents. JAKI collaborates with PeduliLindungi to present the Safe Entrance feature to check in/check out at every mall, tourist spot, cinema, and other public places. You can access the Safe Entrance feature before entering these public places.

Other New Regulations in PPKM Level 2 

There are various regulatory adjustments in PPKM Level 2 in Jakarta, aside from the rules for various entertainment and tourist places. In education for example, face-to-face learning is limited to a maximum capacity of 50%. Then, in the non-essential office sector, 50% WFO (Work From Office) rules haves been applied for employees who have been vaccinated.

In the public transportation sector, various public transportation, mass transportation, taxis (conventional and online) are allowed to operate at 100% capacity. In addition, for those of you who will be holding a wedding reception, now the room capacity allowed reaches a maximum of 50% while still not having meals on the spot.

Places of worship can hold congregational worship and religious activities with a capacity of 75%. Furthermore, arts, culture, sports and social activities can be opened at 50% capacity.

Keep Implementing Health Protocols

The PPKM level has indeed dropped to level 2, various locations have begun to open with additional capacity, even children under the age of 12 are allowed to enter in various public spaces. But you must remember that the Covid-19 pandemic is not over yet. So, make sure you and your closest people always maintain health protocols by implementing the health protocols, which are wearing masks, washing hands, maintaining distance, staying away from crowds, reducing mobility, and avoiding eating together.

Thank you to those of you who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 and have maintained health protocols until now. Because of you, active cases are decreasing and PPKM levels are also going down. Invite more people closest to you to take part in the Covid-19 vaccination so that the pandemic ends soon and more people are protected from Covid-19 by registering for vaccinations through JAKI

Jakarta Covid-19 Response

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