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Belajar Bersama Jakarta: Facilitating Covid-19 Research in Jakarta

Tiffany Aisyah Septiana

09 July 2020

Jakarta calls on you to do your research! The Provincial Government of Jakarta in collaboration with the Human Resources Development Agency (BPSDM) just created the Belajar Bersama Jakarta program on August 19, 2020. As the name suggests, this program was created as an idea to make Jakarta a source to "learn together" on public policy, which includes aspects of formulation, preparation, implementation, and evaluation for the general public and government officials.

During the current Covid-19 pandemic, Belajar Bersama Jakarta was established to encourage the public to explore the knowledge and experience first-hand observation that related to Covid-19 outbreak. It is hoped that the program can produce useful and workable breakthroughs. Therefore, the field of research to be conducted should include social, economic, technology, or health problems related to Covid-19.

This research program is open to the public including professional researchers, NGOs, SCO, media, high school students, and higher-education students. The research selection and acceptance process are conducted online from September to October through

Research Recommendation Requirements

There are several requirements you must complete when submitting your research, including:

1. Letter of request for truth and validity of documents and data. Equipped with Seal 6000

2. Identity of the Applicant or Responsible Person. For Indonesian citizens, they can attach a National Identity Card (KTP) / Student Card / Student Card, while for foreigners they can use a Temporary Residence Permit Card (KITAS), Visa, or Passport.

3. Statement of the person in charge of the relevant agencies/ institutions.

4. Research proposals should include:

  • Research background

  • Field of research

  • Research objectives and objectives

  • The scope of research you can choose from is economic, social, technological, and health.

  • Researcher name / institution name

  • Duration of study

  • Research objectives/targets

  • Research methods

  • Research sites

  • Expected results from the study

5. National Identity Card (KTP) from the researcher/person responsible

6. The affidavit does not violate the rules

7. Research Notification Letter (SPP) from the Ministry of Home Affairs for foreign researchers

After preparing all the research recommendation requirements, you can continue the next process according to the research application process flow listed below:

Research Application Process Flow

  1. Send registration files via email [email protected]
  2. The registration file will be selected by Jakarta Public Policy Center (JPPC), then recommended by DPMPTSP via
  3. If the research is approved, JPPC will assign LOs to coordinate data collection to the relevant SKPD
  4. Retrieval of validation data by the committee
  5. Data use and analysis process
  6. Dissemination of research results

Are you interested in joining the program? Let's send your research proposal to Belajar Bersama Jakarta!

Citizens of Jakarta

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