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Mix-and-Match, Which Covid-19 Booster Shot Should I Get?

Syora Alya Eka Putri

03 February 2022

Smartcitizen, you should know that booster vaccination is currently underway. The Indonesian Ministry of Health has announced that since January 12, 2022, booster vaccines can be given free of charge and gradually to the public, including in Jakarta. This is an effort by the government to protect citizens from the threat of new Covid-19 variant cases. For booster vaccination, some people will require a different vaccine from their primary course (heterologous vaccination), while some use the same as their primary course (homologous). So, before you take a booster vaccination, it’s a good idea to know what type of vaccine suits your condition.

Knowing The Right Vaccine For Your Booster Shot

To get a booster vaccine, you must meet several requirements, namely having an Indonesian ID card, with priority for the elderly and immunocompromised people, aged 18 years and over, have been vaccinated for doses 1 and 2, and a minimum of six months since the second shot of vaccines. The government has provided various types of vaccines that are used as boosters, according to the consideration of the research results of experts. And, just like choosing a partner, you also shouldn’t be careless in choosing a vaccine. Because, there are provisions that have been set by the Ministry of Health to choose a booster vaccine, as follows.

  • People with Sinovac as their primary vaccines will be eligible for a half-dose booster vaccine from Pfizer or AstraZeneca.
  • People with AstraZeneca as their primary vaccines will be eligible for a half-dose booster vaccine from Moderna.

The difference in the type of booster vaccine from the primary course refers to the combination of vaccines recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). AstraZeneca, Moderna, and Pfizer vaccines are the types of vaccines that are recommended as boosters. These three vaccines are quite effective at increasing antibodies and have the potential to protect against Omicron variants. However, this type of vaccine cannot be used for everyone. There are criteria according to their health conditions, as below.

  • AstraZeneca should only be used for ages 18 years and above, has no history of blood clots, does not have allergies from previous vaccines, does not include pregnant women, and if there is a chronic disease it is advisable to consult a doctor first.
  • Pfizer can be used for people aged 16 years and over, who do not have severe allergies, can be used for pregnant women over 12 weeks, and also those who have chronic diseases.
  • Moderna can be used for people aged 18 and older, and is prioritized for groups of people who have chronic and autoimmune diseases.

From reading the provisions above, you might start to get the picture of the right vaccine according to your health condition. But, you may think, why is this booster vaccine only given in half a dose?

Half a Dose Still Offers Full Protection

So, this half-dose refers to the results of research conducted to reduce the impact of milder post-immunization (KIPI) follow-up events. However, there is no need to worry, although the dose is only half, this booster vaccine also has a relatively similar increase in antibody levels as the full-dose vaccine.

This half-dose provision refers to the results of research conducted to reduce the impact of milder Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFI). However, there is no need to worry. Although the dose is only half, this booster vaccine has relatively the same increase in antibody levels as the full dose vaccine.

Each type of vaccine can have a different AEFI effect on each person. Some have experienced it, but some have not. Symptoms of AEFI generally include muscle pain, nausea, headache, and even fever. Like Naura and Tasya, two workers in Jakarta who experienced the same symptoms after the booster vaccine with Pfizer. Both claimed to have a fever one day after vaccination. Nana, who also works in Jakarta, has a different experience from that of Tasya and Naura. “My experience with the booster vaccine is very different from my first and second dose of vaccinations. Previously, I was vaccinated with Sinovac and the effect was that I was often hungry and sleepy. However, the effect of this AstraZeneca booster vaccination has made me lose my appetite, and I feel weak and sleepy all the time,” she explained.

However, you don’t need to worry. If you experience AEFIs after being vaccinated, there are several ways you can do to manage it, such as:

  • Stay calm if you have a natural AEFIs reaction.
  • If you experience pain near the injection area, compress it with cold water.
  • Drink plenty of water and rest.
  • You can also take medications that have been recommended by health workers.
  • You can also report it to a health worker if you experience a more severe reaction after vaccination.

With this article, we hope you understand more about the vaccines used in this booster vaccination. By getting your booster shot, you have participated in efforts to reduce the rate of spread of Covid-19, including the Omicron variant cases. So what are you waiting for? Those of you who already have tickets for the booster vaccination, register yourself immediately! The method is easy as 1–2–3 because now it can be done through the JAKI application, available to download on Google Play Store or Apple Apps Store.

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