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Stay Safe When Public Transportation Capacity is 100%

Siti Sarah S.

03 November 2021

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, you may have been used to riding public transportation to move around in crowded Jakarta. You also already know which train route to take and at which stop you have to wait for the Transjakarta bus to reach your destination. You also already know how to keep yourself safe when taking public transportation. For example, when riding a Commuter Line train, you tread carefully when crossing the platform gap. However, the presence of the Covid-19 pandemic has changed so many of our daily habits, including while taking public transportation.

You might still remember when the pandemic started until some time after, public transportation was limited in capacity. Everyone is required to maintain distance and avoid any nonessential mobility. Now, for the first time after the second wave of Covid-19 hit Indonesia, the PPKM (Enforcement of Community Activity Restrictions) regulations were further relaxed by allowing public transportation to operate at 100% capacity. This was done after the increasing number of residents who had been vaccinated with doses 1 and 2, and the number of active cases was plumetted. Even so, you must not be careless and stay vigilant, so we don't have to meet the third wave of Covid-19 in Indonesia. One of the ways is to take care of yourself when taking public transportation in Jakarta.

Make Sure You are Healthy 

Before leaving the house, make sure you are  healthy. Because a healthy body has a stronger immune system. If you are sick, it is highly recommended to stay at home to avoid Covid-19 infection that attacks your body if it is not fit. While at home, recover by getting enough sleep and eating nutritious foods so that you can return to your activities outside in a healthy condition. 

Wear a Mask and Avoid Talking

Covid-19 can spread quickly through droplets that come out of the mouth and nose when talking, coughing, and sneezing. SARS-Cov-2 virus particles will spread  quicker at indoors than outdoors with good air circulation. So, you have to make sure to wear the mask properly so that the droplets don't come out or enter your mouth and nose.

In addition to wearing the  mask correctly, you better avoid chatting or talking on public transportation to prevent droplets from coming out of your mouth or nose. Being in a closed room with other passengers requires you to maintain health protocols because of the lack of adequate air circulation.

Until now, the best masks that have a filtration effectiveness above 95% are N95 masks. Ordinary surgical masks have a filtration effect of less than 95% and cloth masks can only prevent large droplets, and are not effective at preventing small droplets. If you don't have an N95 mask, it's a good idea to use a medical mask covered in a cloth mask for increased protection.

Avoid Eating and Drinking in Public Transportation

For us to avoid being exposed to the virus through droplets, of course, we have to make sure we don't take off our masks, especially in closed spaces of public transportation with a 100% capacity. Because of this, removing or lifting a mask, then eating and drinking on public transportation will increase the chance of being exposed to Covid-19. Eat before or after traveling for optimal care.

Use Hand Sanitizer and Wash Hands Regularly

As more people travel, the chances of the virus spreading through the air and sticking to various surfaces in public spaces are higher. Avoid touching various surfaces on public transportation as much as possible and do not touch your face so that the virus does not enter important parts such as the eyes, nose, and mouth.

In addition, to ensure that no virus sticks to your hands and spreads wider, make sure you use hand sanitizer before boarding and after getting off public transportation. If possible, wash your hands with soap when you arrive at your destination.

Get your Covid-19 Vaccines! 

If you have not  been vaccinated yet, register immediately for the Covid-19 vaccines. The Covid-19 vaccination can reduce the chances of you being exposed to Covid-19 and spreading it to others. This is the most effective step for you and those around you. With the high rate of Covid-19 vaccination, the more people are protected, and the faster the herd immunity will be achieved. Take your part in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic with vaccinations. If you are still having trouble registering for a vaccination, register easily through JAKI  and choose the location that suits you best. Monitor vaccination quotas via and follow social media @jsclab on Instagram dan Twitter. 



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