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In Photos: A Year of Covid-19 Pandemic in Jakarta

Mike Nafizahni

05 March 2021

A year ago, life began to drift from our old version of normality. Problems and challenges, yet it defines our story in early 2020 and the rest. The findings of the first Covid-19 case in early March 2020, started that story and slowly but surely it begins to fill our kaleidoscope. It took a year, until the first case became the millionth case in early 2021, a grim reminder of what dominates most of our attention. But, amid all that, there is a declaration that we will keep on fighting. This is our story.

A Mask: A Good Friend During the Pandemic

Jakarta has experienced the scarcity of masks phenomenon. As soon as the Covid-19 case shows a graph of increase, the demand for masks in the public is very high, so much so that it exceeds the production rate of masks at that time. As one of the protective tools for Covid-19, masks are increasingly being hunted until its price is soaring.


Fortunately, the current level of mask production, including environmentally friendly masks, has managed to keep pace with the level of need. There is also mask donations from Jakarta Provincial Government and collaborators.


After the loved ones, masks are now also a life partner during the pandemic. The health protocols campaign (Wearing a mask, Maintaining distance, Washing Hands) that we often see in various places, makes us realize how important it is to live a healthy life in order to survive.

Story From the Frontline

One of the professions that had the most pandemic stories is health workers. Since the beginning of Covid-19 in Indonesia, they have already struggled with the scarcity of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), a shortage of health workers and health facilities, and a high risk of being exposed to Covid-19.

Over the past year, we have become increasingly aware of the important role of health workers in fighting this pandemic. Collaborators also provide various assistance and support to assist with their assignments.

Story From the Zoo


The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic is spreading farther than we imagined. The animals at Ragunan Wildlife Park lost some of their visitors during the Large Scale Social Restriction in Jakarta. However, that doesn't mean the animals go uncared.


Animal care and the zoo cleaning are still routinely carried out by officers so that the impact of the pandemic does not spread further. With a limited number of visitors, you can still meet the animals in Ragunan by watching live videos of their activities on Instagram @ragunanzoo.

Quiet Streets in the Beginning of Pandemic

The #StayAtHome campaign has succeeded in breaking up the busy streets of the capital. In fact, during the period of Large-Scale Social Restrictions, Jakarta managed to get out of the Top 10 Most Congested Cities in the World. In addition, limiting physical contact also creates many new activities that you can do while at home.

[Things You Can Do During the PSBB Period]


Thank you to those of you who have continued to enliven the #StayAtHome movement during this year to prevent Covid-19 transmission. Hold on to the longing first, arrange a schedule to meet with friends after we have defeated Covid-19.

Clean the City


The moment of social distancing in Jakarta was used as best as possible to restructure Jakarta. Cleaning every corner of the capital city, especially in public places that are often touched by many people, to the pride of Jakarta's public transportation, like the MRT.


During the pandemic, disinfectant is also carried out to prevent the transmission of Covid-19 in public places, as was done by the Jakarta Fire and Rescue Service (Disgulkarmat) at the Istiqlal Mosque.

Technology to Fight the Virus

There are many sophisticated ways to fight Covid-19. For example, by utilizing digital technology. The JAKI application has various features from the use of digital technology. One of them is the JEJAK feature to help us fill in the guest book before and after entering a building or public place more easily.

As we know, the Jakarta Provincial Government is intensively conducting health surveillance to prevent Covid-19 transmission by requiring everyone to fill in a guest book, before and after entering a building or public place. With the existence of JEJAK, we no longer need to check-in and check-out using manual guest books, so as to prevent direct contact with items that people use simultaneously.

Another advanced technology created from this pandemic is JakCLM, a self-test feature to know the risk of infecting Covid-19 using machine learning technology. You can do the CLM test once a week to find out your risk of being infected with Covid-19 before doing outdoor activities. There are still many other advanced features that you can use through the JAKI application, so don't hesitate to download JAKI on the Google Play Store and App Store.

Vaccination: A New Chapter Against the Pandemic


Vaccination is a new chapter in our fight against Covid-19, a big hope to end this pandemic. Starting with the injection of all health workers who work in health facilities, so that they can provide maximum assistance to deal with Covid-19, then proceed to all people in need.

A year of Covid-19 pandemic has created a million stories for us. Maybe everyone's story is different, but one thing is certain, the Covid-19 story will not be finished without us fighting together. Let's celebrate one year of our fight against Covid-19, with gratitude and try to be the best during this pandemic.

Jakarta Covid-19 Response

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