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What You Need To Know About Second Dose Pfizer and Moderna Vaccination

Amira Sofa

22 September 2021

Since the first phase of Covid-19 vaccination in Jakarta until now, several types of vaccines have been used. All types of vaccine so far require 2 doses in order to offer the best protection against coronavirus. Two of the vaccine types that require 2 doses are Pfizer and Moderna. The interval between first and second for the Pfizer vaccine is 21 days, while for Moderna is 28 days.

In Jakarta, the registration for the first dose of Pfizer and Moderna vaccine have been opened to the public. Were you one of those who got the vaccine? If so, you need to know information regarding the requirements, procedure for second dose registration, and location of health facilities that provide the second dose of Pfizer and Moderna doses in order to complete the vaccination.

Requirements for Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines

As previously explained, both Pfizer and Moderna vaccinations in Jakarta are now open for the general public. However, there are some different requirements for the two types of vaccines.

Pfizer Vaccine Requirements:

  1. Indonesian citizens with Jakarta or non-Jakarta ID cards as well as Indonesian citizens domiciled in DKI Jakarta or non-Jakarta (owns a Family Card for those aged 18 years and under);
  2. 12 years old and over.

Moderna Vaccine Requirements:

  1. Indonesian citizens with Jakarta or non-Jakarta ID cards as well as Indonesian citizens domiciled in DKI Jakarta or outside of Jakarta;
  2. 18 years old and over.

Before getting vaccinated, make sure you meet the criteria for receiving the vaccine, like you are not currently ill. For those of you who have severe comorbid, autoimmune diseases, or are on immunosuppressant therapy, you must bring a doctor’s recommendation letter if you want to take Pfizer or Moderna vaccines.

How to Register for Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines

If you meet the requirements for a Pfizer or Moderna and now you are waiting for your second dose, then all you have to do is re-register for vaccination. No need to worry, because there is a practical and safe way to re-register yourself, which is through the JAKI application. JAKI can be downloaded via Google Play Store or Apple App Store. The steps to register yourself are quite easy.

  1. Open the JAKI APP
  2. Click the “Pendaftaran Vaksinasi Covid-19” banner on the main page

3. Fill in the NIK and full name according to the ID card. Registrants aged 12–17 can see the NIK on the Family Card.

4. Scroll down until you find the Second Vaccination Re-Register button.

5. Re-check the category of vaccine recipients and pregnancy conditions.

6. Choose a vaccination schedule and location. Make sure you have chosen the right vaccination schedule and location according to your preferences.

7. Re-check your personal data information.

8. Fill the pre-screening test. Then download and print the Covid-19 Vaccination Service Control Card and the Covid-19 Vaccination Card.

When you register yourself for vaccination through JAKI, you will find the vaccination registration status. This status indicates whether you are still in the process of scheduling to be vaccinated or can already get vaccinated. There are two vaccination registration statuses that can appear in JAKI, which are Dalam Proses Penjadwalan and Siap Divaksinasi.

If the vaccination registration status that appears is Dalam Proses Penjadwalan, it means that your data as a potential vaccine recipient is being inputted and verified in the PeduliLindungi and PCare systems. This process will last for 1x24 hours, so you need to check your status regularly. However, if the vaccination registration status appears Siap Divaksinasi, it means that you can already print the Vaccination Card and Control Card as well as visit the vaccination location to get your shot.

[What You Need To Know About Vaccination Registration Status]

Smartcitizen, there are a few tips to make it easier for you in finding vaccination sites that provide Pfizer or Moderna vaccines when registering for vaccinations. Before registering, make sure you check Pfizer and Moderna’s daily vaccination quota first on Jakarta’s official Covid-19 website. So, you will immediately know which vaccination location you will choose when registering at JAKI. The vaccination quota will be updated every week by the Jakarta Health Agency.

Health Facilities that Provide Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines

There are many health facilities that provide Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. You can see the list of these health facilities along with health facilities for other types of vaccines on the same website page that provides daily vaccination quotas. To make it easier for you to find the list of health facilities with Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, use the ‘Nama Vaksin’ (Vaccine Name) filter.

And there you have it, the requirements, locations, registration procedure, and the list of health facilities for the second dose of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. What about you? Have you been vaccinated with 2 doses? If you haven’t, register for vaccinations now! The sooner you get vaccinated, the sooner the antibodies can protect you and the people around you.

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