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How to Use JakCLM

Syora Alya Eka Putri

15 September 2021

Activities outside the home have started to resume again, and you can use JAKI to monitor your health through JakCLM. JakCLM is an application in collaboration with Harvard CLM Team and Klakklik.ID and the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta, for self-screening of Covid-19 symptoms. The existence of this feature can make it easier for you to find out if you have symptoms of Covid-19. For more details, how to use JakCLM as follows.

How to Access JakCLM

To do a self-test about the symptoms of Covid-19 can take several stages below.

  1. Open JAKI App
  2. Then, on the Jakarta Covid-19 Response menu, select Tes Mandiri

3. Then, click take the test. Don’t forget to fill in your identity, such as your name, date of birth, identity number (NIK), and mobile number.

4. Next, fill your medical condition, make sure you answer these honestly.

5. Finally, you can see the test results, by clicking “Lihat Hasil Tes”.

6. Don’t forget to save your test results.

If You Have Problems, Follow These Steps

If you experience difficulties in doing tests on JakCLM or when you want to download the result, you can report it by sending an email to [email protected] Make sure to include your full name, phone number, email address, and CLM test date.

And that’s all the procedure for using JakCLM, it’s very easy isn’t it? To protect your health to the maximum during the Covid-19 pandemic, don’t forget to follow the vaccination program through the JAKI application. Download it through the Google Play Store or Apps Store. In order to know information about health facilities that provide vaccines and their schedules, you can check it through the Vaccination Quota Dashboard. In addition, keep obeying the health protocols (washing hands, using masks, avoiding eating together, reducing mobility, and maintain your distance) as always!

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Syora Alya Eka Putri

Seorang content writer di Jakarta Smart City yang sedang menempuh pendidikan Magister Kebijakan Pembangunan Sosial di Universitas Indonesia.

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