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JSC Talks Vol. 5: Digital Learning with

Nadhif Seto Sanubari

16 June 2020

Since the pandemic began a few months ago, the daily lives of many went through drastic changes. With the threat of the virus itself as well as the closure of offices, public places, and shops, citizens are pushed to resume their activities from the confines of their own homes. Much the same happened in the academic world. Students and teachers must learn to utilize technology and implement it into the learning process. While teaching was previously done in classrooms, now it happens through the web.

One party that continually pushes the boundaries of online learning in the midst of the pandemic is, who has also collaborated with the Jakarta Provincial Government in facilitating Jakarta citizens during this difficult time. What is In this discussion from JSC Talks, we are introduced to the app and all the unique ways they provide in helping both students and teachers to continue learning even though they are divided by distance. Moderator Nur Laily Romadhotul Husna is accompanied by this week’s guest speaker, Najeela Shihab, a teacher with a passion for education as well as the founder of

Before beginning her presentation, Ms. Najeela played a video of testimonies from teachers, students, and parents who have all participated in the learning process of

“If we were to take anything from this COVID-19 situation, communication between child and parent, or parent and teacher, becomes more intense. So the concern finally increases,” said one of the teachers interviewed in the video.

From this introductory video, we can already see the stories of students and teachers who have both been by’s educational methods. The eagerness to learn, and to collaborate between teachers and between schools are still holding fast even in the face of a pandemic. not only facilitates a platform for one-to-one collaboration as in between teachers, but also many-to-many as in different schools could work together and share access to content, facilitators, or specific subject modules. Presently, has become the collaboration platform for over 700 schools in Jakarta, and its user base spans over 4000 schools.

When the COVID-19 pandemic first reared its head, Ms. Najeela along with the team tried to identify the medium-term and long-term risks that will be presented by the situation to the educational system. They tried to create a solution that would prevent teachers from becoming burdened by the new method and students from becoming passive from staying at home for a long time. By collaborating with various parties such as the Jakarta Educational Department, Jakarta Smart City, and many educational communities, could turn into an effective and productive platform for teachers and students alike.

According to Ms. Najeela, technology could only become a solution for education if it is used in good practice to help the teachers support the students in reaching competency. Nurturing future competence in students is a highly upheld value by, so that students could not only compete on a local level but on a global level as well. Although at the moment students and teachers could only interact through the screen, students are still pushed to be innovative, independent, reflective, communicative, creative, and cooperative.

The teaching methods available in are quite varied. Teachers could upload lessons and worksheets onto the site which can be accessed by the students. They could also schedule live lessons that will be streamed through’s YouTube channel. Beyond science and mathematics, many other subjects are available through such as physical education, religion, and even counseling for parents who now more than ever need to be more present in their children’s daily education. There are also programs provided by businesses and industries such as Wahana Kreator who opened a class for young, budding scenario writers that could be attended freely. Or Nutrifood who created an internship program for students interested in jumping into the working world.

As Ms. Najeela said, the pandemic is full of risks. However, as proven by, this could also be a chance to improve and innovate the education system. Even though we are facing a pandemic and are confined to our own homes, it does not mean that no steps forward can be made for students, teachers, and all Jakarta citizens. If you are a prospective student, teacher, parent, or represent a school that is interested in participating in, you can visit their website to learn more. The app is also accessible via JAKI which can be downloaded from App Store and Play Store.

JSC Talks

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Nadhif Seto Sanubari

Penulis dan penerjemah alumni Universitas Bina Nusantara, dengan pengalaman internasional di University of Bradford, UK dan Deakin University, Australia.

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