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Connecting Jakarta Through JakWifi

Nadhif Seto Sanubari

01 September 2020

In the information age that we currently live in, the world may seem a lot smaller than it actually is. Any knowledge that we seek fits into the palm of our hand and could easily be accessed through the push of a button or a tap of a screen. The matter of communication is no longer hindered by distance. Now we can talk to family, friends, even strangers who live on the other side of the planet as easily as we would our own neighbor. All these conveniences that we often take for granted come to us through the power of a tool called the internet. 

Internet As Modern-Day Necessity

This technology that has its roots as a means of communication reserved for the US Department of Defense gradually evolved and spread into the rest of the world, becoming the interconnecting and all-encompassing medium we all know today. According to data provided by, 4.5 billion people or 59% of the world population are active internet users. Indonesia is not missing out on this modernizing trend either, with 175.4 million of its citizens regularly accessing the internet on a daily basis, thus putting Indonesia in 4th place as a nation with the most internet users in the world.

Internet Untuk Semua Program: Free Internet For All

Of course, among this astonishing statistic, many of the individuals included are citizens of the capital. Jakartans are no strangers to the internet and social media. Retrieving a smartphone out of a pocket and touching a screen is as natural as breathing or speaking. Unfortunately, not all areas or walks of life in Jakarta are privileged enough to enjoy watching a video on Youtube or chatting with someone on Whatsapp. Furthermore, the pandemic now requires access to the interwebs for many, since work and school activities are now done remotely through online platforms. Therefore, the Jakarta Provincial Government developed the Internet Untuk Semua - JakWIFI program, internet for all. JakWIFI is aimed at improving the quality of public services through the provision of free wifi in areas not covered by free internet services, spread across 5 cities, and 1 administrative district. Currently, it is more focused on densely populated residential areas.

JakWIFI is mainly aimed at citizens who live in areas where internet access is harder to come by, especially students who are required to undergo online studies from home. Taking this main target into account, JakWIFI will be launched on the 19th August 2020 with the installation of Wi-Fi devices in dense settlement areas so that many families who previously do not have access can now be connected digitally with the rest of Jakarta as well as the world. Not only dense settlements and villages, the Internet Untuk Semua program will gradually spread to many spots across the capital city. Public locations such as city parks, child-friendly integrated public spaces (RPTRA), and government offices will also receive Wi-Fi devices. Over 4.900 locations--out of 9.413 target spots--around Jakarta, as well as Kepulauan Seribu, will become designated Wi-Fi spots, most of which are public and private school buildings. To further increase accessibility, wireless internet services will be available 24/7 and can be used by anyone for free.

Find JakWifi in JAKI

Other than that, you can also search for the closest Wi-Fi points through the Jakarta Kini (JAKI) app. Just open JAKI and tap on the JakWifi feature. If you already installed JAKI, please update your app or if you don’t, you can download it from the Google Play Store or App Store. Through JakWifi feature, you can scan the surrounding area and find the nearest Wi-Fi points.

If you have trouble finding a Wi-Fi spot, you can choose a spot on the screen then tap the map button on the right. This way will take you to Google Maps and make it easier for you to get to the spot.

The rapid rise in technology and trade of information grows quicker with each passing day. Internet usage has evolved from a luxury to a necessity for many and in various aspects of life. So it seems only fair that all citizens should have equal opportunities in making use of this indispensable tool. With more widespread internet access, sharing knowledge will become easier and Jakarta will be one step closer to becoming a smarter city.

Jakarta Covid-19 Response

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Nadhif Seto Sanubari

Penulis dan penerjemah alumni Universitas Bina Nusantara, dengan pengalaman internasional di University of Bradford, UK dan Deakin University, Australia.

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