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A Day With JAKI: Navigating Trough Pandemic Time in Jakarta

Nadhif Seto Sanubari

25 June 2020

Living in the age of information and technology, we are so used to having everything within the palm of our hand or the tip of our fingers that picking up your phone to look something up is almost as second nature as breathing. Pretty much every facet of our lives in these times is connected to our phones and the internet, from when we wake in the morning to when we return to sleep at the end of the day. Much the same is the life of a Smartcitizen in Jakarta, and perhaps you are among these people. You download various apps on your phone that help you with your activities throughout the day. Especially now as you gradually return to normalcy, in a transition period from the Large-Scale Social Restriction that you and everyone else had to endure in the past few months. While you are glad that you can finally leave your house, you are smart enough to realize that certain precautions still need to be done for the time being in order for things to truly go back to normal.

As a Smartcitizen of Jakarta, you have a one-stop-shop for all your daily needs in the JAKI App. With its myriad of features, you could open JAKI at any time and get something that would help you get through the day. Beyond its built-in features, JAKI also has collaborated with many other developers so that their apps or websites can be accessed through JAKI. Simply put, JAKI is also a compilation of all the digital helpers that you would need as a Jakarta citizen. So how would JAKI and its affiliated apps help you as you go about your day? Let’s take a few examples from the life of a hypothetical Smartcitizen.

Morning Updates with JakWarta

You hear the ringtone of your alarm as you slowly open your crusty eyes. It is 6 AM, and it’s time for you to get ready. You grab your phone and turn off the alarm, get up, and head to your bathroom to brush your teeth and shower. Once you’re all fresh and dressed up, you fix up some breakfast and sit down to eat. While munching on the most important meal of the day, you grab your phone once more and open the JAKI app. Curious about what events had transpired around the city, so you tap on the newspaper icon labeled JakWarta and begin scrolling. 

You read news from Berita Jakarta about parks that are reopening and how businesses are using a more cautious sanitary protocol during the PSBB transition period. Scrolling further, you also see updates from the Water Resources Department, showing the status of water surface levels in several areas of Jakarta and the weather report on the five districts. You are not too worried since it’s not currently the rainy season, but you remember how helpful it was back in February when you needed to know which areas were at risk of flooding. The weather reports clear skies on all five districts, so it seems like it’s going to be a bright and sunny day.

Groceries Made Easy with JakPangan and Pasar Jaya Online

As you swallow the last bite of your breakfast, you suddenly remember that you have run out of eggs and some vegetables. It's about time to do some grocery shopping anyway. Still, on the JAKI app, you go back to the home screen and tap on JakPangan. You immediately see images of rice, onion, garlic, green chili peppers, margarine, fish, and many more all with their average prices attached right under them. You scroll down until you find the eggs and see that today it costs Rp25,000 on average. Tapping on the picture of eggs, you are brought to a list of all the markets in your area and you look for the name of the market that you frequent. You find out that the price of eggs there is Rp23,000. You repeat the same process with the other food items that you need to buy. Before long, while counting the total on the calculator, you have an idea of how much money you have to spend on ingredients today. 

Although, you realize that you don’t exactly have time to leave for the market right now and decide that it’s best to avoid close contact with people during this time. So you go to to make sure that all your food items are delivered to your door. On the website, you select your market and see a list of merchant’s phone numbers along with their names and the kind of items they sell. You give some of them a call and tell them what you want to buy. You can now rest easy knowing that you will have all your ingredients by the end of the day without even needing to go out to the market.

Planning Your Commute with Trafi

Now that your food crisis has been resolved, you can leave for work. You fix your hair, straighten your clothes, and strap your bag. Before heading out, you tap on the Trafi icon in the JAKI app and are led to the Trafi website. You enter your home address and then your office address for the destination. Instantly, you are provided with several routes you can take to get to work using TransJakarta, buses, or trains along with the stops you have to make. You see that you can get to the office in a little over an hour if you leave now and take TransJakarta. Checking your pockets to make sure you didn’t forget your wallet and keys, you head out the door. After several months of being cooped indoors, the outside air feels quite refreshing. You begin to walk and make your way to the TransJakarta bus stop.

Report Problems with JakLapor

On your way to the bus stop, you spot a sizable group of people crowding next to the sidewalk. There are about ten people in total. Even though they are wearing exercise apparel, they don’t seem to be doing much jogging. They are just standing around and talking to each other, even worse still, none of them are wearing masks. You realize that this is a health risk to themselves and every other pedestrian that might want to use the sidewalk. So you politely tell them that crowding in large groups is still not advised and that they should leave some distance for other pedestrians that may want to pass. However, they just look at you and nod absentmindedly as if not really hearing what you are telling them. 

Realizing your efforts are not working, you pull out your phone and open JAKI again, tapping on the camera button on the bottom of the screen. You covertly take a photo of the crowd so you can report them, luckily they seem to be too busy talking to each other to notice you taking the picture. Next, you have to select the category that fits the nature of your report, so you choose Gangguan Ketenteraman dan Ketertiban or Public Disturbance. After writing a brief description of your report, you press the send button and just like that, the misdemeanor has been successfully reported to the local authorities. You give the crowd a wide berth as you pass them and continue along your way to the bus stop. 

Throughout the day, you check back on the JAKI app for updates on the progress of your report. Only a few hours later, you see that your report has reached the local police and they sent a couple of officers to the location. The officers asked the crowd of people to disperse and return to their homes, which they did so cooperatively. As proof, the officers took a picture of their own to show that the crowd has indeed been cleared.

Ensure Your Health with JakCLM

The day winds down to a close and you are on your way back home from the office. While sitting in the bus, you begin to feel quite dizzy. Once the bus has reached your stop, you get off and start walking to your house. The bitter wind crawls up your back and you feel yourself shiver. You begin to cough and sneeze. Fortunately, you are already wearing a mask and there was no one in your close proximity anyway. Suddenly, you receive a notification on your phone so you reach into your pocket to have a look. The notification comes from the JAKI app, and it shows you today’s update for the number of COVID-19 cases in Jakarta. The number of positive cases rises by a bit, but the number of cured patients goes up as well. This makes you worry and your mind begins to wander. You have a headache and you were coughing quite a lot. What if you had caught COVID-19? Maybe from someone in the office or from another passenger when you were taking the bus. You begin to think of taking the bus wasn’t the best idea. 

You arrive at your house and drink a glass of water. Before you panic too much, you go to the JAKI app and tap on JakCLM, the Corona Likelihood Metric. You decide to take the COVID-19 Calculator test to get a definite answer on whether or not you might have contracted COVID-19. You tap on the ‘begin test’ button. You are told to enter your personal details and then to check your temperature. Fortunately, you sit at a safe 37℃ and then continue the test. The test asks whether you have experienced shortness of breath, you answer no. When selecting from the list of symptoms, you choose the ones that you are experiencing: headache, cold, and coughs. You are also asked whether you have come in contact with any COVID-19 patients or had traveled to an infected area in the past 14 days, you answered no to both. You press the final submit button and anxiously await your result. You breathe a heavy sigh of relief as the results say that you most likely do not have COVID-19. It also suggests you to get enough rest at home, eat healthy, exercise, keep a distance of 2 meters from other people, and wash your hands regularly. You take a mental note to keep reminding yourself to do those things. Another crisis averted thanks to JAKI. You take a shower, eat dinner, wash your hands, and lie in bed. You slowly drift off to sound sleep and look forward to another day.

And there you have it. See how much JAKI can help you with your daily activities? Technology and interconnectivity has blessed us with many conveniences. We should take advantage of this while we can to make sure this transition period goes smoothly until the world goes back to normal. You too can experience a day in the life of a Smartcitizen by downloading JAKI through the Google Play Store or the App Store.


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Nadhif Seto Sanubari

Penulis dan penerjemah alumni Universitas Bina Nusantara, dengan pengalaman internasional di University of Bradford, UK dan Deakin University, Australia.

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