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What to Prepare For Ramadan During a Pandemic

Siti Sarah S.

08 April 2021

The long-awaited month of Ramadan is finally coming. The moments of breaking the fast, sahur, and of course the opportunity to worship with multiple rewards are the times that millions of Muslims in the world have been waiting for. Even though we have to experience Ramadan in the midst of a pandemic that has yet to end, the spirit of worship and sharing in this holy month should not fade away.

Ramadan in the middle of a pandemic may not be the same, but in this new normal condition we have to adapt to keep going through Ramadan while not being careless about taking care of ourselves. The following are things you can prepare to live the month of Ramadan during a pandemic.

Spiritual and Physical Health

The month of Ramadan is not only a moment to endure hunger and thirst, but also a month in which the merits of good are multiplied. This is a moment where Muslims are competing with each other in goodness. So of course spiritually we must be prepared for various worship such as tarawih prayer, charity, giving zakat, and filling the day with good things. To be able to worship optimally and be able to fast properly in the midst of a pandemic, we should be physically healthy. We can prepare nutritious food intake, implement health protocols, such as washing hands, wearing masks, and maintaining distance. In addition, to be more vigilant and on guard, we can check the risk of being exposed to Covid-19 in JAKI through the JakCLM feature and check the security status in the vicinity through “Zonasi” feature.

Food Needs

Even though the month of Ramadan is the month of fasting, the need for food for sahur and iftar still needs to be considered. We must be prepared to provide healthy and nutritious food to support us through the days of Ramadan. In Jakarta, we can check the price of our food needs through the JakPangan feature in the JAKI application. With this you can see the market closest to your location and find out the price of food commodities in the market easily.

Financial Needs

Finance is crucial. The month of Ramadan with various needs certainly requires adequate financial conditions. We must be prepared to manage finances so that we can meet various needs in the month of Ramadan. In the midst of this pandemic, the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta is also providing social aid for residents in need. In this month of Ramadan, make sure we stay up-to-date with the social aid distribution in Jakarta by checking the Social Aid Information feature on JAKI.

[Check Your Eligibility for Social Cash Transfer (BST) With JAKI]

Take Care of Each Other And Stay Safe

In the midst of a pandemic, the call to maintain your distance and stay away from the crowd must be obeyed so that this pandemic ends quickly. The month of Ramadan during a pandemic is not the time for us to be involved in crowds when shopping, waiting for the break fasting to come, and other activities that cause crowds. What if there is a crowd when we buy food or shop at the market? Don't worry, we can take care of each other by reporting the crowd through the JakLapor feature on JAKI. We can take a picture of the crowd and fill in an appropriate description, and later an officer will follow up with the crowd. With that, we have helped minimize the spread of Covid-19.

The pandemic has not yet gone away, but the solemn worship in the month of Ramadan may remain in our hearts. We may have prepared ourselves to fast, give alms and do various other good things to achieve the blessings of Ramadan, but also remember, taking care of ourselves and others in the midst of a pandemic with what we can is priceless kindness. Let’s continue to take care of each other in this month of Ramadan, download JAKI in Google Play Store and Apple App store.


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Siti Sarah S.

A content writer for Jakarta Smart City, a linguistics enthusiast, also an avid reader who loves prose and poetry. Have a passion for volunteering and connecting with people. Twitter and IG: @sarafizaa.

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