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5 Green Spaces in Jakarta That Have Been Reopened for Public

Teresa Simorangkir

28 October 2021

Good news coming your way! 59 green open spaces in Jakarta have been reopened for the public starting from 23 October 2021. The opening of the green spaces is in conjunction with the public activity restriction level 2 based on the Governor Decree No. 1245 of 2021. To keep a conducive situation, there are several regulations applied such as the limited operating hours (from 7 am to 5 pm) and a maximum capacity of 25%. In addition, you have to prove that you’ve been vaccinated and check in using the Safe Entrance feature in JAKI before entering the public space. However, there's no doubt that the reopening of the green space has brought joy to us, citizens of Jakarta. Through this article, we’ve prepared 5 recommended green open spaces in Jakarta that you can visit. Remember, you need to be responsible for your health by sticking to the health protocols.

Taman Suropati

Source: Instagram @temantaman.jkt

Located in the Menteng area, Central Jakarta, Taman Suropati has been one of people’s favorite places to unwind because of its green atmosphere. Recently, the park has gained more attention from the citizens because of the presence of Bookhive Jakarta. In this spot, you can sit back and read a book accompanied by a beautiful view. Moreover, this place offers you a place to go jogging, cycling, or enjoy the reflexology area. It’s the right choice to spend your time with family.

Taman Lapangan Banteng

Source: Instagram @lapangan_banteng

Since the spike in Covid-19 cases in Jakarta last June, Taman Lapangan Banteng has been temporarily closed. Fortunately, in line with the activity restriction of level 2 in Jakarta, this green open space is reopened for visitors. In the park which has the Liberation of Irian Barat Monument, you can sit in the amphitheater area to enjoy the scenery or do some exercise in the nearby area.

Hutan Kota Penjaringan

Source: Instagram @temantaman.jkt

There are about 4,500 lush green trees that grow in the area. No wonder, even though it’s located in the middle of the city, Hutan Kota Penjaringan (Penjaringan Urban Forest) still has that serene atmosphere to it. At the beginning of its opening, the Hutan Kota Penjaringan area was intended as a center for family recreation and community interaction. So, if you and your family long for the spacious green, Hutan Kota Penjaringan is your go-to place. Don't forget to bring your own supplies of mineral water because you won’t find any street vendors in this area.

Taman Cattleya

Source: Instagram @temantaman.jkt

Taman Cattleya, which is located in the West Jakarta area, is a green open space managed by the Jakarta Provincial Government. The strategic location makes Taman Cattleya accessible by Transjakarta, online transportation, and private vehicles, making it easy to find even if it’s your first visit. As the park is filled with lush and beautiful plants, a lot of people choose the place to do photoshoots. Equipped with bicycles, roller skates, and a jogging track area, Taman Cattleya is the perfect area for physical exercise.

Hutan Kota Srengseng

Source: Instagram: @tamanhutandki

Aside from being known as the running track for the citizens, Hutan Kota Srengseng is commonly visited by people to go fishing. Not only filled with leafy trees, this urban forest is also home to several types of birds and reptiles. The path along the urban forest is built with paving blocks so you can walk comfortably on it. There are also guiding blocks to help people with visual impairment to enjoy this green open space.

That’s the five recommendations of parks and green spaces you can visit in Jakarta. If you have the opportunity to come to these places, be sure to keep yourself safe by wearing a mask, frequently washing your hands, and staying away from crowds. Lastly, let’s keep these public spaces clean by responsibly placing your trash in the available bins.

Citizens of Jakarta

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