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How to Check Covid-19 Red Zones in Jakarta

Syora Alya Eka Putri

20 May 2021

The implementation of restrictions on community activities in Jakarta at the RT level done at orange and red zone categories. You can see the orange and red zone area map on the On this site, there are maps showing the spread of Covid-19 cases at the RT (neighbourhood) and RW (hamlet) levels. As stipulated in the Governor's Instruction No. 27 of 2021, the government employs different restriction measures based on the severity of Covid-19 cases in certain areas. Therefore, based on certain criterias, you might have heard in the news that some of the neighbourhoods are declared as a Green Zone, Yellow Zone, Orange Zone, or Red Zone. Well, what is the meaning of each of these criteria? Check this out.

Zoning Color Descriptions

The government extended the implementation of restrictions on community activities until May 31, 2021. This regulation is carried out based on the latest information of Covid-19 transmission in the neighbourhood where they lived. It will show in a variety of colors, from green to red.

  1. Green Zone

In this zone, there are no cases of Covid-19 in RT and RW. However, regular and periodic checks for Covid-19 cases are still in place with active surveillance.

  1. Yellow Zone

There are one to two houses with positive cases of Covid-19 in the RT over the last seven days in this zone. The control of the territory in this zone is to find positive cases and tracing the contacts. After that, both the patient and close contact will undergo self-isolation and close supervision.

  1. Orange Zone

There have been three to five houses in this zone with confirmed positive cases of Covid-19 over the last seven days. Regional control in this zone is similar to the yellow zone. However, there are additional restrictions on activities in non-essential public sector places such as houses of worship and children's playgrounds.

  1. Red Zone

There have been more than five houses in the red zone confirmed positive cases of Covid-19 over the past seven days. This red zone control scenario is stricter, such as:

  • Find positive cases of Covid-19 and do contact tracing;

  • Conduct self-isolation or centralized with immediate supervision;

  • Restricting the activities of houses of worship with strict health protocols;

  • Closing children's playgrounds and other public places except for essential sectors;

  • Banning crowds of more than three people;

  • Impose restrictions to enter and exit of the RT area maximum until 20.00 WIB;

  • Banning social activities in the RT area which can cause crowds and the transmission of Covid-19.

Monitoring Red Zone on Website


Through the website, you can monitor RT or RW areas with active cases of Covid-19, including areas designated as orange or red zones. On the monitoring map of the region, you can see vulnerable zones with a high risk of Covid-19 transmission and positive cases either in hospital or self-isolation. The map can be accessed by selecting the map menu and choosing either Neighbourhood or Hamlet Control Zone. You can also check the maps and read more information about Covid-19 through the JAKI app, which you can download on Google Play Store or App Store.


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