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Scanning QR Code in PeduliLindungi: Is It Still Necessary?

Amira Sofa

14 April 2022

We have been in the middle of a pandemic for more than two years. The more the days passed, the better our understanding of handling the spread of Covid-19. The implementation of booster vaccination for the community is one of them. However, if you pay attention, there is also negligence that begins to occur. Like some public places that no longer implement a check-in and check-out system through PeduliLindung for visitors or employees. Thus, a question started to arise, do we still need to scan QR codes in public places?

Do You Still Need to Check In and Check Out in Public Places?

Yes, you do. Based on the Governor's Decree which regulates PPKM – the latest would be the Governor's Decree Number 308 Year 2022, several public places such as malls, shopping centres, cinemas, and others are still required to check in and check out through PeduliLindungi for visitors and employees. Besides, you can also check in and out through the JAKI application. PPKM regulations can be checked through JAKI by sliding the banner on the main application page until you find the PPKM banner and click on it. Or you can also access it directly from the Jakarta Tanggap Covid-19 website. After the PPKM page shows up, you just have to choose a public place you want to visit during PPKM. Visiting rules will also appear and you can determine what public places require you to check in and check out.

What If Public Places Don't Implement Scanning Regulation?

If you find a public place that doesn't implement a check-in and check-out system, don't just stay still. Keep in mind that checking in and out in public places is meant to tighten the process of monitoring and tracing Covid-19 close contacts. Therefore, you have the right to report the public places that do not follow this provision so that such negligence is not being normalised. How can you report it? Easy-peasy! You can use the JAKI application. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Open the JAKI app

  2. Click the camera icon at the bottom of the main page

  3. Choose Laporan Privasi. Click Buat Laporan

  4. Take a photo of the report. Click Pakai

  5. Select the Gangguan Ketenteraman Report Category. Then, click Pilih.

  6. Fill in the problem and write down the location in full. Provide additional information. Click Simpan.

  7. Submit the report.

  8. Finished! Your report has been sent and will be followed up by the officer immediately.

In order to maintain the confidentiality of your identity as a reporter, JAKI has a private system by default. However, you are still obliged not to show your personal data, such as your full name, self characteristics, and so on, in both photos or report descriptions.

Check In and Check Out Through JAKI's Safe Entrance Feature

Check-in and check-out are generally done using the PeduliLindungi application, however, if you want to enjoy a more integrated service, you can also check in and out using the JAKI application through the Safe Entrance by PeduliLindungi feature. By using JAKI, you can not only scan QR codes to enter and leave public places, but also enjoy other features related to Covid-19, such as checking status and registration for vaccinations.

Here's what you need to do to check in via the JAKI application:

  1. Open the JAKI application.

  2. Click “Pindai” on the Safe Entrance feature.

  1. Fill in the ID Card Number (NIK) and full name. Click "Periksa".

  1. Check the data again. You are strongly advised to pay attention to the terms of data use. If so, click "Saya Setuju".

  1. Scan the QR Code installed at the entrance area of ​​the location.

  1. Check the name of the place, the number of visitors, and the total capacity. Click “Masuk.”

  1. Congrats! You have checked-in.

If you are leaving a public area, you just need to check out by clicking the “Keluar” button or scanning the QR Code again at the exit location. Easy, right?

With the convenience provided by technology through scanning QR codes for monitoring and tracking Covid-19 cases, this provision should no longer be ignored, both by visitors, employees, or related companies/agencies. If we ignore doing small things that are under our control like checking in and out, how can we help end the pandemic? Let's be more obedient to the Covid-19 regulations. If you find any kind of rule violation, you can report it via JAKI. Stay safe, Smartcitizen!


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