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A Map of Charity With KSBB Platform

Nadhif Seto Sanubari

09 May 2020

To promote charity among Jakartans during this trying time, the Provincial Government has provided a means of donation for citizens who would like to set aside a part of their income and give it to those who lost all sources of income altogether. Through the Large-Scale Social Collaboration (KSBB) program, the government will merely act as a facilitator while all donations will be sourced from the citizens. To simplify the process for all your charitable citizens who would like to donate, the Provincial Government has developed an online map-based system to be used by everyone.

KSBB Platform

Being a subsection of the Jakarta COVID-19 Response website, the KSBB platform can be accessed by visiting the said website and opening the Collaboration > KSBB Platform menu at the top of the page. By accessing that menu, you will be brought to a page containing a map of the capital along with data on the total number of hamlets (RW) and institutions that will receive your donations (Orphanages, nursing homes, disability homes, and Islamic boarding schools) within the Jakarta area.

How to Use the KSBB Map

When first landing on the KSBB Platform page, your eyes will be met with a map covered in all shades of blue. These blue pieces represent all the hamlets in Jakarta, the darker the shade of blue the higher the number of families (KK) in that given area. If you click on one of the blue areas, details about that hamlet will pop up immediately: district, sub-district, urban village, hamlet number, number of families, as well as the name of the head of hamlet. Last but not least, there will be a blue button labeled “Beri Bantuan” or “provide help” which we will come back to later.

Finding a Hamlet

To filter your search so that the map only shows hamlets on a specific area, use the menu to the left-hand side of the map. This menu can be used to specify your search by choosing the district, sub-district, and urban village. You could also categorize your search by the number of families within each hamlet, from less than 250 families all the way up to over 2500 families. The hamlets highlighted on the map and the number of hamlets shown in the blue box on the right will change based on your settings. Use the magnifying glass-shaped button on the top right corner of the map to search for a specific address you have in mind.

Finding an Institution

If you’re more interested in donating to institutions such as orphanages and nursing homes, you can click the button that looks like a stack of papers on the top right corner of the map and check the boxes labeled “Peta Pesantren Sasaran KSBB” or “Peta Panti Sasaran PSBB”.

Colorful pointers will then appear all across the map. The pink pointers show the locations of orphanages, purple pointers for nursing homes, orange pointers for disability homes, and green pointers for Islamic boarding schools. Similar to the hamlet search function, details on an institution will appear once you click on the pointers. The info provided includes the name of the institution, its address, and how many children/elderly/disabled/students are housed there. The blue donation button will also appear. Click on it if you have decided who you would like to donate to.

How to Donate Using the KSBB Platform

Have you clicked on the blue button? Good! That means you’re just about ready to donate. After clicking on the blue donation button, you will be brought to the KSBB Donation Commitment form in which you have to fill in several details. The location of your donation will be automatically filled in matching the hamlet or institution that you have selected on the map. Next, you have to select the type of aid package you would like to send. The following are the four types of packages and their required contents:

You could also write in additional goods as you like. Once you have selected a package, you must schedule the date of your donation in the calendar menu. Please note that donations for hamlets take seven days and donations for institutions take one month.

Don’t forget the most important part, filling in your full name (and your company name if it applies) as well as your contact information. This contact information will be the one used by the hamlet or institution to contact you in order to coordinate the technicalities of sending your package. Lastly, upload your commitment document. The format for this document can be downloaded from this page as well. Download it, fill it in, and upload it again.

Once all the info has been squared away, you can finally click the “Send” button and your donation will be recorded. Simply wait until the recipient of your donation contacts you to discuss the methods of package delivery. Simple enough, right? Smartcitizens, in this month of Ramadan, let us help out fellow citizens by donating!


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Nadhif Seto Sanubari

Penulis dan penerjemah alumni Universitas Bina Nusantara, dengan pengalaman internasional di University of Bradford, UK dan Deakin University, Australia.

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