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Health Protocols You Need to Maintain During PPKM Level 1

Amira Sofa

11 November 2021

Jakarta has entered PPKM Level 1 since 2 November 2021. All regulations regarding PPKM Level 1 have been summarized in the Governor’s Decree Number 1312 Year 2021. As the PPKM level decreases, the visitor capacity in several public spaces will naturally increase. Even so, Smartcitizens must still be aware of Covid-19 and obey health protocols. These are some of the activities you can do in public places during PPKM along with the health protocols that must be applied.

Going to Cinema

After a long time, you can finally watch movies on the big screen again! So much fun, right? But, don’t let your guard down, Smartcitizen. Remember that cinema is an enclosed space with minimal air circulation. Under these conditions, viruses can spread more easily. Therefore, don’t forget to always wear a mask. If you want, you can also watch a movie while eating popcorn, other food, or drinking, but don’t forget to put your mask back on right after. In addition, there is one more thing you need to pay attention to while watching a movie, which is the seat you are taking. The cinema has arranged the seats so that the audience can keep their distance. So, make sure you sit according to the space provided for you and do not occupy the place marked with a cross. All is done to keep you and other moviegoers safe.

Going to Malls/Shopping Centers

People love to go to shopping centers. Especially when they provide plenty of stores. Well, if you visit a mall or shopping centers, you must check in and check out before entering or leaving the mall using the PeduliLindungi application. After checking in and checking out, make sure you also use the hand sanitizer which is usually provided at the entrance so that your hands are clean from germs. After that, you will also be required to measure the temperature. This is done to ensure that no visitor has a fever. Entering a shopping center, you may also visit shops and choose various items. Direct contact with these items will make you more exposed to the virus. Therefore, don’t forget to wash your hands after contact with random objects.

Hangout at Cafe/Restaurants

During a pandemic, we oftenly told to reduce interactions with other people. However, we are now entering a new normal where cafes and restaurants are starting to be filled with visitors. Whether it is to enjoy food or just hang out with those closest to us. This is fine, as long as the health protocol is maintained. After eating, you can immediately put your mask back on. You want to chat with friends? Sure, you can. But don’t forget to wear a mask to protect yourself.

Healing in the Park

If you wanna go somewhere to get some fresh air during the PPKM period, the city park is yours! Jakarta has various parks that you can visit. Even though the park is an open place with good air circulation, you still need to adhere to health protocols. Before entering and exiting certain parks, you are required to check in and check out using the PeduliLindungi application. Around the park entrance area, there is usually also a hand washing area. Wash your hands first so that they are clean. When you’re in the park, you might want to take photos or have a picnic. Try not to create or join the crowd, follow any additional instructions in the park, and maintain a distance of 2 meters from each other.

Visiting Tourist Attractions and Public Areas

Strolling around the tourist attractions, or other public areas is always a pleasant choice. Not only does it refresh the mind, but sometimes it also gives new insight about Jakarta. And as you learned previously, you will be asked to check in and check out through PeduliLindungi. As we know, tourist attractions and public areas are often crowded by visitors and tourists. That is why it is important for Smartcitizens to continue to wear masks throughout your visit. Avoid crowds and always use hand sanitizer or wash your hands after making contact with objects or other people.

Workout at Fitness Centers/Gym

Exercising in public facilities during a pandemic is indeed a challenge. Because, you are still required to comply with health protocols even when you are exercising. In a fitness center or gym, you will share space and facilities with other people. Therefore, make sure your mask stays on when you are exercising. Also bring your own drinking bottles and toiletries to reduce the risk of exposure to the virus from shared items.

Shopping at Supermarket

Daily needs are crucial things that must be met, including during a pandemic. As a result, we cannot completely limit the frequency of shopping at markets and supermarkets. However, that doesn’t mean we can shop freely without obeying health protocols, right? You still need to check in and check out through PeduliLindungi when visiting large-scale modern markets such as supermarkets and hypermarkets. Don’t forget to wear a mask too. During shopping, you may also choose vegetables or other items that might have been touched by previous customers. Hence, there is a risk of you being exposed to the virus. So, don’t forget to use hand sanitizer after touching anything while shopping.

Studying at School

During PPKM Level 1, students continue to carry out Face-to-face Learning (PTM). This PTM is followed by strict health protocols. If Smartcitizen is still in school or has siblings who are in school, make sure to follow protocols such as the maximum capacity of students in each class, maintaining a distance of 1.5 meters from each other, and so on. For optimal protection, parents who want to pick up their children after in-person learning are requested not to wait for children at school and always remind children to maintain personal hygiene and health protocols, and inform the school if the child is sick.

[The Health Protocols During Face-to-Face Learning at School]

Work from Office

Smartcitizen, how do you feel after more than a year working from home? If you like the flexibility of working from the comfort of your house, it seems that you have to be a little patient, because as PPKM level declines, the capacity of office employees who can work from the office also increases. So, to make your work life in the office as comfortable and safe as your house, you need to follow all necessary provisions applied by the office regarding Covid-19. The provisions for each office vary depending on the sector of its industry. But, you surely have to check in and check out through JAKI, wear a mask, keep your distance, and follow other health protocols. How about lunch? It is better for you not to eat together with others for mutual safety. Smartcitizens can eat alone or take turns with co-workers.

Taking Public Transportation

Another activity that is very popular in Jakarta is riding public transportation. By using public transportation, you’re not only saving money, but also helping Jakarta to be more environmentally friendly. The rapid development of Jakarta’s public transportation has managed to convert a lot of motorists into using public trains and buses. The pandemic period is no exception. You can still take public transportation, as long as you adhere to health protocols. Wearing masks and maintaining social distance must continue to be applied. In addition, always wash your hands after handling public facilities, money, or touching non-sterile objects. If you use an online motorcycle taxi service, you can really minimize your exposure to the virus by bringing your own helmet. It’s a little more troublesome, but if it’s safer, why not?

[Stay Safe When Public Transportation Capacity is 100%]

Those are some health protocols that should not be complacent even when the cases are decreasing. Remember, following health protocols is not enough. We must get Covid-19 vaccine to protect ourselves from the virus. In addition, doing activities in Jakarta during the PPKM period may also drain your energy. Therefore, please take care of your health. If you want to register for vaccination, you can register through JAKI. The JAKI application can be downloaded via Google Play Store or Apple App Store. For those of you who want to see in more detail the PPKM regulations that are currently imposed in Jakarta, check the Jakarta Tanggap Covid-19 website. Hope this article helps you and stay safe!

Citizens of Jakarta

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